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A Vision of the Future: Apple Vision Pro in the Enterprise

Episode Recap

In this special bonus episode, we’re joined by Adam Reiser, Senior Director of End User Compute at SHI, to get his first impressions of Apple Vision Pro and hear how he uses the device for work.

Thanks to Vision Pro’s ability to run iPad apps, Adam was able to join the conversation via Riverside using his Persona, a digital representation generated by Vision Pro. We discuss the benefits of spatial computing at work, the entertainment capabilities, and some ideas of how Vision Pro could be used in an enterprise setting.

We’ll continue checking in on enterprise use cases for Vision Pro as they develop, so be sure to visit and subscribe on your favorite podcast platform. Also, check out our YouTube channel to see Adam and Kevin unbox their Vision Pro devices and give their first impressions.

Featured in This Episode

Victoria Barber



Ex-Gartner analyst, Victoria describes herself as a Technology Guardian with a keen interest in how organizations manage the adoption of new platforms and technologies.

Kevin English



As Sr. Director of Modern Workplace Services at SHI, Kevin helps organizations optimize their device lifecycle with smart procurement, deployment and desktop management.