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Mac in a Windows World: Support Strategies for Success

Episode Recap

How can you seamlessly support Mac users in Windows-dominated workplaces and enhance cross-platform collaboration?

In this enlightening episode, host Victoria Barber sits down with Tom Rice, a seasoned expert in Mac integration and support. Together, they explore solutions for supporting Mac users in mixed environments, debunk common misconceptions about Mac adoption in Windows settings, and share insights into optimizing support strategies for a harmonious user experience.

Discussed in this episode:

  1. Overcoming barriers to Mac adoption in Windows environments, from network concerns to resistance from IT departments.
  2. Strategies for Mac and Windows admins to expand their skill sets and effectively support Mac deployments at scale.
  3. The importance of assessing in-house skills, considering support strategies, and leveraging augmented support professionals for successful Mac integration in Windows-dominated workplaces.

Featured in This Episode

Victoria Barber



Ex-Gartner analyst, Victoria describes herself as a Technology Guardian with a keen interest in how organizations manage the adoption of new platforms and technologies.

Tom Rice



Tom brings 20+ years of experience in Mac systems administration and desktop management focusing on the configuration, deployment, and administration of Mac environments .