Season 2 / Episode


Return of the Mac: Apple Integration and Employee Choice

Episode Recap

In this episode, Victoria and Kevin kick off Season 2 with an exciting new format. Join us as we begin to follow an Apple deployment project in the retail sector, exploring the challenges and successes of integrating Apple devices in a traditionally Windows-dominated environment. Victoria sits down with Tom Rice to discuss the initial stages of the project and what we can expect throughout the season.
Later, Rachel Schiff shares her journey from being a Windows user to becoming proficient with Mac, and how she leverages Apple products to enhance her work efficiency.

Tune in for a deep dive into the world of end-user computing and the evolving role of Apple in enterprise settings. For more episodes and other content, visit

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Discussed in this episode:

  • Apple deployment in retail: Replacing legacy POS systems with Apple devices
  • Employee choice: The shift towards allowing employees to choose their preferred devices
  • Challenges and integration: The technical and logistical challenges of integrating new Apple devices with existing legacy IT systems
  • Transition to Mac: Highlighting the learning curve and the eventual productivity gains
  • Apple ecosystem benefits: The seamless integration and efficiency of using Apple products across different devices for both professional and personal use

Featured in This Episode

Victoria Barber



Ex-Gartner analyst, Victoria describes herself as a Technology Guardian with a keen interest in how organizations manage the adoption of new platforms and technologies.

Kevin English



As Sr. Director of Modern Workplace Services at SHI, Kevin helps organizations optimize their device lifecycle with smart procurement, deployment and desktop management.

Tom Rice



Tom brings 20+ years of experience in Mac systems administration and desktop management focusing on the configuration, deployment, and administration of Mac environments .

Rachel Shiff



Rachel’s expertise lies in optimizing productivity for both IT departments and end-users by strategically leveraging a broad array of resources and technologies to support and advance customers’ specific goals.