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The Long & Winding Road to Mac Adoption: Insights from a Mac Management Expert

Episode Recap

Mac adoption at scale can significantly boost effectiveness, with examples showing a 10% to 12% increase in sales team productivity and 12% more code output from software engineers using Macs.

In this episode, we are joined by Henry Patel, Chief Strategy Officer at Jamf and an expert in Mac management, to shed light on the journey of adopting the Mac platform at scale in the enterprise world. Henry shares his insights on the unique value proposition of Mac in the enterprise, the impact of consumer iPhone and iPad use on the enterprise, and the importance of security in Mac adoption. He also discusses groundbreaking solutions introduced by Jamf to ease the transition to Mac and improve productivity. Henry shares transformative success stories from IBM and Cisco, showcasing the significant benefits of Mac adoption.

Discussed in the episode:

  1. The unique value proposition of Mac for enterprises
  2. Overcoming enterprise concerns with Mac adoption
  3. Key considerations and steps for Mac adoption

Featured in This Episode

Victoria Barber



Ex-Gartner analyst, Victoria describes herself as a Technology Guardian with a keen interest in how organizations manage the adoption of new platforms and technologies.

Kevin English



As Sr. Director of Modern Workplace Services at SHI, Kevin helps organizations optimize their device lifecycle with smart procurement, deployment and desktop management.

Henry Patel



Henry leads Jamf’s product, marketing, partnership and corporate development strategy. He joined Jamf in 2013 and has over 20 years of experience in technology go-to-market initiatives. He also worked at Apple for several years, helping enterprise and education customers succeed with Apple.