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Trick or Treat: Unmasking Mac Security Myths for Business Users

Episode Recap

With organizations facing an ever-evolving threat landscape, how safe is it to equip your knowledge workers with Macs?

This week, Victoria and Kevin put Field CISO, Brad Bowers, in the hot seat. The trio meticulously dissects the impact of Apple’s growing market share on its vulnerability to cyber threats and explore the nuanced reasons why organizations opt for Macs not just for status but for enhanced security. Brad provides helpful insights on Mac’s operating system and hardware security, and a comprehensive overview of the distinct elements in the Mac security ecosystem.

Discussed in this episode:

  1. The implications of Apple’s rising market share on its susceptibility to cyber threats
  2. Debunking misconceptions about Mac’s impervious security and revealing the driving factors behind organizations’ adoption of Mac systems
  3. Analyzing the nuanced differences between Mac and Windows vulnerabilities, and exploring the unique security measures integrated into Mac’s operating system and hardware.

Featured in This Episode

Victoria Barber



Ex-Gartner analyst, Victoria describes herself as a Technology Guardian with a keen interest in how organizations manage the adoption of new platforms and technologies.

Kevin English



As Sr. Director of Modern Workplace Services at SHI, Kevin helps organizations optimize their device lifecycle with smart procurement, deployment and desktop management.

Brad Bowers



A passionate Cybersecurity professional with 20+ years working with and leading security teams within the financial services, law enforcement, managed services, healthcare, and consulting services industries.