With goals ranging from enhancing employee experience to boosting productivity and redefining company image, businesses around the world are looking to deploy Apple’s Mac platform at scale.

Jess Craver, Enterprise Account Executive at SHI joined hosts Kevin English and Victoria Barber on the very first episode of We Got Your Mac. On a journey to discover exactly why organizations are on a mission to deploy Mac at scale, Jess unpacks several major considerations factored into the decision-making and roll-out processes.https://widget.spreaker.com/player?episode_id=56787440&theme=light&playlist=false

Business drivers behind large-scale Mac deployment

Deploying any technology at scale comes with major benefits and challenges. While deploying Apple’s Mac platforms at scale offers several obstacles to navigate, the benefits experienced by companies that can do so effectively far outweigh the time and resources invested in strategy and deployment.

For many, Mac platforms offer opportunities for large, tangible increases in sales. Many retail businesses are striding into the future by integrating Apple platforms into point of sale (POS) software.

Businesses can use their iOS devices with POS systems, potentially allowing every single store employee to process payments. When MPOS systems are better integrated, customer wait time can be significantly reduced, increasing support and ease of purchase.

“The real, tangible business outcome is an increase in revenue, particularly for their high seasons when they’re seeing a lot of foot traffic,” Jess says.

Rolling out Mac at scale also has many intangible benefits, such as technology appeal and status. As businesses try to attract the best and brightest employees from around the world, offering technology that is modern, effective, intuitive, and sophisticated can serve as a convincing employment perk.

Real-world complexities and challenges of integrating Mac into diverse IT environments

Rolling out Mac can offer immense benefits for an organization, but it’s not right for everyone. It’s crucial organizations understand and put a plan in place to address the major challenges that come with large-scale Mac deployment.

Help desk and IT support integration

One of the leading challenges facing companies looking to scale Mac is integration. Working with systems traditionally designed to function on Windows, businesses must focus on building and maintaining service desk systems that serve both operating systems.

Ensuring your help desk systems and teams are well-prepared to assist users on both ends is essential for a smooth rollout of Mac at scale strategies. While this can be done with training and development for internal teams, organizations often opt to lean on Apple’s support offerings or trusted partners.

Global deployment challenges

Companies are recruiting the best and brightest from around the world, dispersing their workforce and creating an employment environment that is different than ever before. In addition, many organizations have embraced remote and hybrid models. While companies previously may have been able to deploy tech at scale by rolling out new platforms in-office, deployment is now much more complicated.

“There’s a global component,” Jess says. “If you’re going to standardize on Mac, organizations need to get those devices to international locations. Deployment for new hires and refreshes for existing employees is often a concern.”

Navigating the supply chain to deliver on deployment is also a hurdle — especially for global companies. With supply chain constraints and extended delivery timelines, it can make sense to hold stock of devices to support anticipated new hires for a few months ahead. Otherwise, organizations may find new employees don’t have what they need to hit the ground running on their first day.

Lead times and investment

Apple products are produced in the U.S., which has implications for organizations looking to deploy outside North America. When organizations are planning large IT investments, financial investment and pricing consistency are often a concern. Organizations looking to deploy Mac at scale outside the U.S. may find themselves impacted by international price differences, fluctuating exchange rates, differences in taxes, and shipping times.

Lead times may be extended further for organizations looking for customized components and specific user optimization.

“I have customers trying to deploy Macs in Israel, so they’re looking for Hebrew keyboards,” Jess says. “Those things can be tougher to find and can result in longer lead times.”

Mitigating the major problems

Despite many challenges, the decision to deploy Mac at scale can result in significant business opportunities. According to Jess, there are a few key steps you can take to minimize or eliminate the major dilemmas standing between your business and successful integration.

“When you’re deploying Mac at scale, it’s so important to empower your team,” Jess says. “Tap into the resources available, whether that’s your Apple account team, team leads, or a trusted, experienced partner.”

How successful Mac deployments at scale help businesses move forward

Jess has worked with many organizations on global Mac deployment, learning the intricacies of the challenges faced and the benefits reaped. In one scenario, an organization had already committed to large-scale deployment. However, they were forced to take a new approach given a pandemic-sparked shift to remote and hybrid work.

“It was very important to them that new hires came to this beautiful campus, go to their desk, and see their dual monitors, and a shiny Mac on their desk,” Jess says. “We really wanted to recreate that ‘wow’ factor from a remote employee perspective.”

The solution for this client was to offload their Level 1 and Level 2 help desks to a trusted partner and design the perfect deployment plan. Jess worked with leaders across HR, IT, and finance to ensure the rollout was effective and timely. With dedicated teamwork from motivated experts, this launch was a success.

Deploying Mac at scale can look different across organizations. From integrating operating systems for every employee to incorporating MPOS systems for efficient checkouts, these strategic moves can help you increase revenue and attract top talent.

Tech is at the heart of catalyzing innovation, ensuring efficient and effective work by the world’s top minds, and enabling alignment between company values and employee experience. With the right deployment and support, the global organizational deployment of Mac can elevate your business and create an environment where employees feel valued and inspired.

Want to learn more about the complexities and benefits of a large-scale Mac deployment? Listen to our full conversation with Jess where she dives into real-world challenges, how to navigate obstacles, and strategies for deploying new technologies across modern, dispersed workforces.